Being profitable in today’s market is all about being business smart and having effective business processes. at eHorizons IT Solutions Our focus is to make sure our clients are ahead in the game by helping them effectively manage every little aspect of their business and helping them plan and execute marketing campaigns that reaches them to their potential and hence, letting them focus on growing their businesses.

eHorizons IT Solutions

We offer the Small & Medium Business (SMB) the opportunity to own enterprise solutions alternatives that can boost their sales and grows their businesses, through high quality, tailor made, affordable solutions.

Even if you are running a small business, you deserve to run it in an efficient way through the screens of Mini ERP System so you can avoid useless manpower and inevitable mistakes made by rigid management systems, so don’t hesitate to try our affordable, class A, in-house made Mini ERPs.

Agile Software Development is our area of expertise. Can’t find the right solution? Tailor Made Software is the way to go. We would like you to benefit from our team’s experience in developing the software that exactly fits your business needs.

eHorizons IT Solutions

Boost you Online Brand Awareness with our effective Online Public Relation tactics through several programs including Search Engine Optimization Program, Social Media Marketing Program, Online Brand Awareness & PR Program, Email Marketing Program, Online Reputation Management Program. Online Audience Study Program, and Online Visitors’ Flow Study Program, in addition to Video Marketing Program.

Video Marketing is without any doubts the most efficient, cost effective Digital Marketing method, because a well-produced video advertisement ensures your message is well presented and completely delivered to your audience, plus it propagates like wind through Social Media for free.

eHorizons IT Solutions

Many businesses get frustrated when dealing with a designer and a developer who are not working together, the designer gives you a piece of art that has no functionality, the developer delivers the latest technology in business solutions with an ugly presentation. We instead deliver you the complete solution, a great looking website with all the functionalities that you need.

Following market trends is a huge necessity for any successful business and knowing that Mobile Apps are today’s number #1 effective, easy to use way of communication between any business and it’s clients, eHorizons IT Solutions team of experts delivers the perfects Mobile Apps that exceeds your expectations.

eHorizons IT Solutions

A well-designed video is more effective than writing thousands of boring text pages. A video ad reaches all kinds of people, delivers your message is an impressive easy way, encourages online audience to share it and non-online audience to talk about it.

Also a well-designed logo effect will boost your brand awareness to the sky. We follow the latest trends in video ads like kinetic typography, impressive sound effects, and more.

We also assist you creating your business presentations using PowerPoint, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Flash.

The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.

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Our team of expert creative designers produces Websites Designs and Mobile Apps for you that enriches your business image and connects you with your potential clients.

East Horizons IT Solutions

Our Digital marketing team can help create and execute your marketing plans with years of experience and knowledge of the local markets and consumer behavior.

East Horizons IT Solutions

We provide enterprise class solutions designed specifically for each business sector and business size at affordable competitive prices through our local and global partners.

East Horizons IT Solutions

You are missing on huge opportunities if you are not using the state of the art Video Marketing techniques. Having a logo animation and a video advertisement can boast your sales.

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