For many years, video marketing was a sort of crude and somewhat mysterious area of internet marketing. The successful ones were those that experimented around the most and essentially got lucky. That’s no longer the case anymore, though. The most successful businesses in the world now have a keen understanding of the value of video marketing – do you?

Here are a few of the top reasons why video marketing deserves your attention and focus in 2015 and the years to come:

1. Huge reach:

Perhaps the biggest testimony to online video’s huge reach is this statistic: 32 billion videos were watched in Q2 of 2014 alone, 42% higher than the year before. That’s not all, video’s reach keeps growing day-by-day, with an increasing number of people dropping television for online channels like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

If you’re new to video marketing, YouTube is the best place to start. Via YouTube, you’ll have access to more than one billion users in 75 different countries. Not too shabby, right? Each year, the number of hours of video people watch on YouTube per month increases steadily by 50 percent.  That’s absolutely incredible and makes advertising on YouTube a must for all marketers.

2. Versatility:

Video marketing is great because it’s highly versatile and has thousands of potential uses beyond advertising. From realtors and landlords conducting video tours and listings to major corporations releasing product teasers, the possibilities are endless. Compared to display advertising, video marketing is a far more dynamic and interactive medium to work with. It allows you to increase engagement and stimulation with your customers in a subtle way. The only thing that limits the potential of a video marketing campaign is the amount of creativity the production team has.


3. Social virality:

Want to conduct a quick experiment on the social virality of videos? Scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and count how many videos you see in 15 seconds. You’ll probably have to use two hands. People love sharing videos, which relieves much of the burden on your end.

4. Easily searchable:

Did you know that 70 percent of the search listings on Google include video results? That makes video one of the most easily searchable forms of content in the world. If you’re looking to enhance visibility, here’s your answer. Furthermore, YouTube is second largest search engine in the world after, you guessed it, Google. Given these stats, optimizing your video content for search is absolutely a must.

5. Increased engagement: 

From a practical point of view, video does something text and pictures cannot. They are incredibly engaging and emotionally powerful. Even a two or three second clip can encourage a viewer to respond. Assuming that engagement is one of your primary goals of marketing, video is one of your most powerful tools can use.


6. Mobile:

The future of internet marketing is mobile and video is one of the easiest forms of content for users to consume via their mobile devices. In fact, there are an estimated one billion mobile video views per day on YouTube alone. If you’re looking to reach your audience on the go, video is a solid choice.